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how is body armor made diagram

How is Body Armor Made?

Humans have been producing and wearing some sort of body armor for thousands of years. Technology has advanced since the time the first tribes fastened

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What Makes the Best Body Armor?

Best Body Armor Body armor has been around in some capacity for centuries. Whether the phrase brings about thoughts of bulletproof vests, police body armor or

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Home of the Brave

Every year, Angel Armor works with a trusted music artist to help paint the passion we have for our nation and the heroes who defend

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Women in Blue: Armed and Educated

  According to a 2013 U.S. Department of Justice study, females represent 12% of full-time, local police department personnel in our country. This percentage has

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The Line

The notorious bald eagle. The stars and stripes. The statue of liberty. Emblems are a marking, a symbolic concept that represents something much deeper than

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