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Memorial Day — a day in which America is brought to her knees by the weight of the Fallen. We mourn the countless men and women who have given all to defend our way of life. Lost loved ones remembered, their sacrifices honored, the result of their heroism forever sewn in the fabric of Freedom.

From the minutemen who defended against the Crown’s tyranny, to the liberators of evil in World War II, to the brave young soldiers who have lived and died in the deserts where our present enemies hide. Their bravery cannot be challenged, their courage matched, nor their sacrifice forgotten.

G.K. Chesterton once said, “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” The American people stand behind you, soldier. We stand behind you because we cannot do what you do. We have not chosen the path that you have. We stand behind you full well knowing that you are standing guard, protecting us from peril as the enemy lurks closely behind. Your watchful eye has kept us free. You have made our way of life possible.

On this day, I honor Private First Class Jacob Henry Wykstra, and the many like him whose lives were taken and families torn apart. I honor the nameless men and women to which I owe everything. I stand humbled by the greatness of our Nation, forged by the actions of the brave, who stood with strength and resolve even in the face of death. I stand humbled by the selflessness to which no man can deny.

Memorial Day —  a day in which America is brought to her knees by the weight of the Fallen —  but a day in which we stand proud. We are a truly great nation, and today is a day in which we stand together and honor those who have given us the luxury of security so that we may live in peace.

Gone, but not forgotten. We will never forget.

God bless America,

Sam — Angel Armor

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