The Angel Armor Grant Program

Grant Questionnaire
Co-Founder & CEO, Josh Richardson

The Angel Armor Grant Program is another way that Angel Armor is protecting and preserving law enforcement officers’ pursuits of life, liberty and happiness.

To that end, we are honored to provide base-level protection (an armored vest without rifle-rated plates) to qualified officers.

Potential grantees must apply and priority will be given to those: With expired armor, and/or to those who have never been issued armor by his or her department, and/or to those whose department’s have budgetary limitations.

Please know that our goal is to prioritize officers who cannot afford a base level of protection and we may award partial or full grants.

Currently, this program is only open to individual applicants who are in need of base-level protection (a vest).

We are honored to support our first responders and will continue to do all that we can to protect their pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

We will review submissions monthly, and if selected, you will be contacted within 30 days.

Grant Questionnaire

Please complete the following questionnaire for consideration:


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