The Angel Armor Grant Program

Grant Questionnaire
Co-Founder & CEO, Josh Richardson

At Angel Armor we understand that not all department budgets are created equal and there can be serious constraints when it comes to purchasing or issuing body armor.

Because of that, we’re glad to announce the launch of the Angel Armor Grant Program.

We aim to help officers in need of body armor because their current armor has expired or they cannot afford new armor.

Through the Angel Armor Grant Program we may award partial or full grants. Applicants will be selected – in part – based on budgetary limitations and need.

Currently, this program is open for individual applicants only. Department applications will be coming in 2021. We are honored to support our first responders and look forward to scaling this program in the coming years.

We will review submissions monthly, and if selected, you will be contacted within 30 days.

Grant Questionnaire

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