Angel Armor exists to protect and preserve the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness for law enforcement and their families.

Angel Armor: Protection at a Higher Level


We are passionate about defending the Life of Law Enforcement officers by providing innovative, industry leading ballistic solutions.

Angel Armor: Protection at a Higher Level


We believe in creating cutting edge products that give Law Enforcement the freedom to confidently perform their duties.

Angel Armor: Protection at a Higher Level


We believe every police officer deserves to come home safely to their friends, family and loved ones.



Revolutionary concealed soft body armor platform. Customized armor available in male and female models for a superior, tailored fit.

Ally One


The Ally One was designed specifically for the consumer market so that everyday people can be protected and have peace of mind.

Avail IIIA


Angel Armor’s Avail Ballistic Door Panels exceed NIJ standards for multi-round and special threat protection, all with a single panel and simple installation.


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  • As a 24-year law enforcement officer, I have [worn] many different types of vests. Only one, Angel Armor RISE has truly made an impact on me. It is by far the lightest, most comfortable and most importantly - the most protective vest I have [worn].

    Mark Aguilar
    Mark Aguilar Municipal Department in Los Angeles, CA
  • Approximately one year ago, I was fitted for my Angel Armor RISE vest. The vest was manufactured based on measurements of my body. Because of the awesome ballistic protection the Truth SNAP provides at such low weights, I quickly introduced them to our SWAT Team leader. It is comforting for me and my family to know that I am able to have the same protection all day, every day as I have with my SWAT kit.

    Dave Ensor
    Dave Ensor Police Officer in MD
  • The Angel Armor RISE vest stays put all shift long. When I exit my patrol vehicle on in progress and high priority calls I am confident in (the RISE vest's) ability to defend my life, thereby allowing me to defend the lives of others. Thank you for all that you are doing to protect the lives of America’s military and law enforcement.

    Wayne Blackard
    Wayne Blackard Police Department in WA
  • I’ve been wearing my RISE Level IIIA [vest] along with the 308S rifle plate for 5 months now. I wear it every single night on patrol. It’s extremely nice to know that I have that extra amount of protection. In a perfect world every officer would be issued the SNAP 308S plates in addition to their soft armor carrier. I’m extremely happy with the product and it eases my family’s mind to know that I have it.

    Matthew Wilson
    Matthew Wilson Madison County, AL
  • I wear the Angel Armor RISE vest on average 50 hours a week; there are times I’ve completely forgotten I have it on. I would recommend the RISE system to any department or officer looking for a new ballistic vest. Your officers deserve only the best equipment to ensure that the job is done completely and that they can make it home at the end of their shift.

    Zach Chicoine
    Zach Chicoine Sugar Hill Police Department NH
  • I have been wearing the RISE vest with the Truth SNAP system for over a year now, and hands down it is the most comfortable vest I have ever worn. The last thing an officer wants to think about when faced with a deadly encounter is "will my vest protect me?" With the RISE vest and Truth SNAP system in place I know I can not only fight the battles ahead but I will survive them.

    Marc Valenzuela
    Marc Valenzuela Phoenix Police Department
  • With this custom fit process, I received a personalized vest which is a piece of equipment I want to wear instead of dreading to wear. The RISE ballistic vest is the most innovative concealable vest and is unlike any other I have seen in my law enforcement career.

    John Moore
    John Moore University Police Department
  • I have been a Sheriff’s Deputy for 17 years and my entire career has been patrol related. The all-around comfort of (the RISE vest) is amazing. To me, the superior armor Angel Armor provides is almost as important as the customer support you receive from their staff. I am an Angel Armor customer for life because I trust them with my life.

    Lt. Rhett McNatt
    Lt. Rhett McNatt Limestone Co Sheriff’s Office

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