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Turn Your Doors into Shields

  • Level III ballistic vehicle armor
  • Vehicle armor for NIJ Level III rifle threats
  • Seamless, single panel design for optimized coverage area
  • Durable, weatherproof design
  • Reinforced hinge kit included for maximum door support
  • Combine with NIJ Level IIIA Enlight Window Armor for full-door coverage


With an optimized coverage area, seamless single-panel design and powerful protection from NIJ Level III rifle threats, Avail Ballistic Door Panels elevate police vehicle protection to a higher level. This high-strength solution features a weatherproof coating to help resist environmental wear and corrosion for years of service, and each armored door panel comes standard with hinge reinforcements to help prevent door sag. When fully installed, the complete solution gives officers the ability to use their door as a tactical shield against rifle-round threats — without compromising the functionality of the existing vehicle door — for confidence they can stand behind.


  • Precisely engineered to defend against NIJ Level III rifle threats
  • Proprietary, one-piece design provides optimized coverage area
  • Concealed design doesn’t interfere with internal door components
  • Revolutionary technology exceeds NIJ multi-round standards

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Ballistic Specifications


We Stand Behind Our Ballistic Performance So You Can Too

Angel Armor’s Avail III Ballistic Door Panels provide groundbreaking defense so you can respond with confidence in any situation.



  • 7.62mm (308 Winchester) FMJ (M80) 150gr 2750 +/- 50 fps • 838 +/- 15 m/s


To request testing for special threats, contact Angel Armor.

*Independently tested in accordance with NIJ standards. Full test details and reports available upon request.

Product Details

Vehicle Compatibility

Avail III ballistic vehicle armor plates are available for both driver side and passenger side doors.


  • Dodge Charger Pursuit Front Doors (2011 & Newer Models)
  • Dodge Charger Front Doors (2011 & Newer Models)


  • Ford Police Interceptor Utility (2016 & Newer Models)
  • Ford Explorer (2016 & Newer Models)

We are continuously exploring new opportunities to add to our product line-up. If you’d like to add your police vehicle to the list, let us know.

Product Installation

Product Installation

Avail Level III armor features a simple installation starting with applying the OEM door hinge reinforcements. Door disassembly is required to install the crash bar brackets and door mounting bracket. Once this is completed, the armor is secured in place and the vehicle door panel is quickly reassembled. Installation takes approximately 2-3 hours per vehicle door. This includes the cure time for the OEM door hinge reinforcement adhesive.

Dodge® Charger Pursuit

Downloadable Installation Guides

Dodge Charger Pursuit Front Doors (2011 & Newer Models) See compatible vehicles
  • Dodge Charger Pursuit (2011 & Newer Models)
  • Dodge Charger (2011 & Newer Models)

Ford® Police Interceptor Utility

Downloadable Installation Guides


Which vehicle models do you make level III panels for?

We currently offer level III panels for the Dodge Charger (2011 & Newer Models). We are continuously exploring new opportunities to add to our level III panel offering. If you’d like to see your vehicle added to the list, contact our sales team discuss to your opportunity in more detail.

Don’t see what you need? Let us know. Contact sales@angelarmor.com for your customer-specific needs.

How much do level III panels weigh?

The exact weight varies by make and model, but in general, these ballistic door panels weigh about 35 lbs. Each Avail panel comes standard with a hinge reinforcement kit from the vehicle OEM to help support weight of the armor and prevent door sag.

How long does it take to install the level III panels?

Installation takes approximately 2-3 hours per vehicle door. This includes the cure time for the OEM door hinge reinforcement adhesive.

If I get a new vehicle, can I transfer my existing level III panels to my new vehicle?

Yes, they are transferable between compatible makes and models. Because every vehicle is different and tends to change with each new model, it is important that your armor is first inspected to ensure the ballistic integrity and vehicle functionality have not been compromised. An additional hinge kit is also needed when transferring armor from one vehicle to another. If you are interested in transferring armor, get in touch with an Angel Armor sales representative.

Who can purchase level III panels?

Level III panels are available for Military, Law Enforcement, Public Safety and Private Security officials.

How do I order?

You may place an order by submitting and inquiry on angelarmor.com or by contacting an Angel Armor representative or distributor directly.

How much do level III panels cost?

Our standard level III panel offerings are $1,900.00. However, final pricing may vary depending on the size and details of your order. We also have agency and partner pricing available. For additional information on pricing, get in touch with an Angel Armor Sales Representative.

How long does it take from date-of-order to date-of-receipt?

Our standard lead-time for level III panels is 60-75 days. However, lead times may vary based on the size and details of your order. For a more specific date range, contact an Angel Armor Sales Representative.

What is the warranty policy for level III panels?

Our level III panels are backed by a five-year limited warranty. For further information, visit angelarmor.com/warranties.

What kind of environments will they hold up in?

We conduct rigorous and detailed environmental testing on all of our products. We use third-party testing facilities as well as internal testing practices. We test our products in the various environments they will be subject to over the product’s lifespan.


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