SHOT Show 2015 — Day two.

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Beyond question — SHOT Show 2015 rocks.

We’ve seen tons of mind-blowing products and have met great new partners and friends along the way. Check out this photo of our friends’ booth: Glock. Beautiful setup peppered with industry-leading, perfected products — a sight for sore eyes. Did you know that Angel Armor’s ballistic technology is designed to stop rounds from every single handgun in their booth?

It would be nearly impossible to communicate all of our learnings from SHOT Show in one blog post. But what we heard on repeat, loud and clear this year, is that people are stoked to learn about Angel Armor’s revolutionary technology and are genuinely excited to see where we take our ballistic capabilities next. We can’t wait to bring you along on this journey with us. Join the movement.

At the end of the day, we are honored to be in the business of saving lives and working in an industry that’s filled with passion, integrity and hard-working people. That includes our friends at Glock.

The Angel Armor Crew

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