RIFLE Plate system

Modular Ballistic Defense Featuring Dual Strike-Face Technology for All Day Rifle Protection






Frequently Asked Questions

To get the most out of your rifle plates, proper care and storage are critical.

Storage at room temperatures in your locker or closet is recommended.

Your body armor should never be stored in the trunk of a vehicle where it may be exposed to temperatures in excess of 150 degrees F. High temperatures may affect the strength of some materials which could diminish the performance of your body armor.

If needed, use a dry microfiber cloth and water to wipe your plates. Don’t ever fully submerge the rifle plates in water or use soaps or solvents. Always dry before returning the rifle plates them to your carriers plate pocket.

Our standard lead time for Truth SNAP Rifle Plates is 25 buisness days from date-of-order. However, lead times may vary based on the size and details of your order. For a more specific date range based on the product you’re interested in, contact us at sales@angelarmor.com. 

Our Truth SNAP Rifle Plates are backed by a 60-month limited warranty against manufacturer defects. For further information, visit our Warranty page.

All Truth SNAP Rifle Plate sales are final unless the item is returned in its original packaging, safety seal unbroken. Opened items cannot be returned as Angel Armor cannot guarantee the structural integrity of the product has been maintained.

At this time, we serve our First Responder and Military heroes, including Public Safety, Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire and Private Security clientele. If you have a unique need or specific business opportunity that warrants consideration, please contact us at sales@angelarmor.com. 

You may contact us for more information and/or to start the process of placing an order by submitting the Inquiry Now form on this website or emailing us directly at sales@angelarmor.com. 

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Drop us a line and we will get back to you promptly!

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