Angel Armor Exists to Protect and Preserve the Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness for First Responders and Their Families

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We believe there is nobility and purpose behind the men and women who serve their communities. We understand the job of a first responder requires sacrifice, servant leadership and courage. Such qualities are often overlooked or taken for granted — we believe they deserve to be applauded and honored.

Our goal is to serve first responders by offering market-leading proactive solutions that protect officers in every situation, all day. Through advanced technologies our hope is to reduce the burden and provide products allowing for efficient and effective responses, as well as confidence they can stand behind.


We are passionate about defending the life of first responders by providing innovative, industry leading ballistic solutions.


We believe in creating cutting edge products that give and first responders the freedom to confidently perform their duties.


We believe every first responder deserves to come home safely to their friends, family and loved ones.


The Angel Armor Story Began in 2013

Josh and JC Richardson are entrepreneurial brothers who founded Angel Armor out of passion for law enforcement and first responders. With global business development experience, the Richardson brothers are the next generation in a family who has been building businesses for decades, including OtterBox™ and LifeProof™.

Their passion for building quality organizations, top-of-the-line quality products and second to none customer service is a core value demonstrated in the Angel Armor employees’ daily objectives and output. Creating a positive culture in organizations that benefit employees, the communities we serve and end-users alike manifests through Angel Armor and its employees.


With a vision to bring cutting edge, revolutionary products to First Responders, the Richardson brothers acquire technology and patents to begin innovation and refinement of new product lines.


Angel Armor launches their first round of innovative products: Avail Ballistic Door Panels for NIJ Level IIIA threats. Ultra lightweight, slide in/tool-less install and multi-hit capable, Avail Ballistic Door Panels are designed around current officer training and muscle memory, taking the risk out of high risk stops. Along with Avail NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic Door Panels, Angel Armor launches their first iteration of NIJ Level IIIA ultra lightweight trauma plates allowing officers to maintain a high level of mobility with added protection.


Angel Armor is expanding their life saving product lines with Ally One Concealable Armor Inserts, available in four convenient sizes for backpacks and briefcases. This thin and light weight backpack armor exceeds NIJ Level IIIA standards for multi-round handgun protection, are travel-friendly and ready to go with you anytime, anywhere.


Angel Armor continues to be an industry leader in proactive law enforcement solutions, expanding to body armor offerings with the RISE Body Armor System 2.0 Carrier and the industry-defining Truth SNAP plate system — modular ballistic defense featuring dual strike-face technology for all day rifle protection


The RISE Body Armor System family is expanding with the addition of the RISE Uniform Carrier. Clean and professional in appearance, the Uniform Carrier stays true to the classic RISE DNA with unparalleled weight distribution and compatibility with Truth SNAP plates for all-day rifle protection. Additionally, the 
Avail Ballistic Door Panel product line launches NIJ III+ panels for the most popular police vehicles. These new door panels are engineered to defend against NIJ III rifle threats with additional protection against special threats such as M193 and M855 Green Tip.


Angel Armor continues to broaden and improve all product lines. With the release of the cutting-edge RISE Tactical Carrier and Truth SNAP 308C side plates, 360-degree all-day rifle protection built to handle any mission is now a reality. Also new in 2020, Angel Armor launches Ally One Carrier Accessories Pouch Series for the perfect companion to any of the RISE Body Armor System carrier.


Innovation and expansion of the RISE Body Armor System continues with the launch of the RISE Stealth Carrier, the lowest profile fit with signature Angel Armor protection. 


Angel Armor introduces the Flex Carrier to round out the RISE Body Armor ecosystem. With modular design qualities of a tactical vest and professional attributes of a uniform carrier, the Flex Carrier provides a robust set of standard features and configurations for every mission. When paired with the Truth SNAP Plate System, the Flex Carrier reinforces Angel Armor's industry-leading position for all day rifle protection. 


Angel Armor continues to fulfill their mission to protect and preserve the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness for First Responders and their families. Be on the lookout for the next generation of market-leading and advanced body armor, vehicle armor and armor accessory solutions coming soon to protect First Responders in every situation, all day.

Core Values


Freedom from pride or arrogance: the quality or state of being humble.

Putting the team and others before yourself.


The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, moral uprightness, the state of being whole and undivided.

Integrity is the foundation for a balanced and successful business.


Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

A noble purpose inspires sacrifice, stimulates innovation and encourages perseverance.

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