Stealth Carrier

Our Lowest Profile Fit with Signature Angel Armor Protection









The perfect selection of included and upgradable accessories to customize your carrier


Removable belly band for faster donning time while maintaining proper side panel overlap; available in most sizes

G-hook belt

Long-lasting G-hook hardware for quick, repeatable secure closures


Compatible will all RISE Armor Packages


Up armor quickly with external front, back and side plate pockets compatible with all Truth SNAP® Rifle Plates

Removable shoulder pads increase the comfort of your carrier


Removable front and Back Air Channel Inserts help manage air flow


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Frequently Asked Questions

RISE Carriers come in custom sizes for male and female First Responders. Each end-user is measured in accordance to the Angel Armor Size and Fit Guide. We analyze your measurements and select the appropriate size of carrier accordingly. Ballistic Panels are then custom cut according to the measurements to fit the carrier. For more information on sizing, contact us at

RISE Ballistic Panels are tested to the NIJ 0101.06 standard with proper CPL certifications. Available in NIJ Level II and NIJ Level IIIA threat levels, RISE Ballistic Panels come in four distinct performance tiers varying in weight, thickness and price:

  • NIJ Level IIIA Ultra Premium
  • NIJ Level IIIA Premium
  • NIJ Level IIIA Standard
  • NIJ Level II Premium

For more information, visit our Ballistic Panels page.

To get the most out of your vest, proper care and storage are critical.

Store your body armor flat, either on a shelf or other flat surface. When this is not practical, suspended on a clothes hanger is the next best method. Your body armor should never be folded, compressed or stood on its edge. This improper storage will create “excessive permanent creases” in your body armor and may cause curling at the edges. Storage at room temperatures in your locker or closet is recommended.

Your body armor should never be stored in the trunk of a vehicle where it may be exposed to temperatures in excess of 150 degrees F. High temperatures may affect the strength of some fibers which could diminish the performance of your body armor.

Hand wash your carrier and Ballistic Panels with cold water and a mild detergent. Don’t ever fully submerge the Ballistic Panels in water. Always hang dry.

For full storage information and other important use and care instructions, review this Use and Care Guide.

Our standard lead time for RISE Carriers is 35 business days from the date of fitting. However, lead times may vary based on the size and details of your order. For a more specific date range based on the product you’re interested in, contact us at 

Our RISE Ballistic Panels are backed by a five-year limited warranty. RISE Carriers are backed by a 24-month limited warranty against manufacturer defects. For further information, visit our Warranty page.

At this time, we serve our First Responder and Military heroes, including Public Safety, Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire and Private Security clientele. If you have a unique need or specific business opportunity that warrants consideration, please contact us at 

You may contact us for more information and/or to start the process of placing an order by submitting the Inquire Now form on this website or emailing us directly at 

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Drop us a line and we will get back to you promptly!

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