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Last week, we were lucky enough to swap the Colorado snow for some Arizona sunshine with a trip to see our partners at Creative Communications. We dove deep into the Angel Armor story, starting with a brand and product training. We got to know our friends at Creative Communications on an entirely different level as we shared personal stories, educated the team on the art of ballistic science, demonstrated our Ballistic Door Panel installation — the fastest in the industry — and made the case for Protection at a Higher Level.

We are honored to work along side the Creative Communications’ team as we, together, continue to live out our mission of defending life from threat by putting revolutionary ballistics in the hands of the heroes that protect our way of life. Our training session ended with a deep sense of humility and pride as we shared a moment of silence for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom.

After an emotionally-charged day, we were ready to show the industry what our life-changing technology can do — seeing is believing. The Live Fire Technology Demonstration was next on the itinerary, hosted at the Mesa State Firearms Training Facility, with agencies and law enforcement officials across the region. We arrived at the training facility just in time to catch the sunrise over the Mesa horizon. A great start to the day.


Long story short, our ballistic armor took 53 rounds, including a variety of special threats, with zero failures all shot by our local heroes in the greater Phoenix area. The icing on the cake? Our friends at Glock provided all of the guns and ammunition for the Live Fire Technology Demonstration. The day wouldn’t have been possible without them.

After a few days of reflection, here are a few things we are certain of:

  • Creative Communications is an upstanding organization and a valuable partner with a top-notch crew.
  • Our partners, and friends, at Glock make some seriously awesome firearms.
  • One of the best, and most common, compliments we received last week had nothing to do with our revolutionary technologies — it pertains to our culture. We are incredibly proud of this.
  • We like to surround ourselves with people who have integrity, drive and a solid moral compass — we can say with certainty that our partners at Creative Communications and Glock posses these characteristics we so deeply value.
  • Product Trainings and Technology Demonstrations like this inspire us to continue to develop advanced ballistic solutions — we won’t stop until every hero is protected.

To wrap things up, we made a video about the Angel Armor Live Fire Experience. We hope you like it:

Until next time,

The Angel Armor Crew

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