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Your company’s name is arguably the most important branding aspect of your business. It’s the first thing people hear when learning about you. And, hopefully, the one thing they never forget. The amount of time, energy and resources put into developing the perfect name that captures your unique business identity is significant.

While many variables were considered in our naming exercise, there was one aspect we were certain of: We had something special — we do things differently.

So, we started from the beginning …

The technology that our business was built on was first developed in 2000. Since then, our advanced composite solutions have been applied to technologies found in deep sea to deep space. Through heavy R&D, we discovered that these technologies had ballistic capabilities, and the ongoing pursuit of the most advanced ballistic armor solutions was set in motion.

As we were crafting our story, it was apparent that our technology was innovative, revolutionary and would change the industry. But, it was so much more than that to us — it was about people, and the incredible weight the value of a human life, and those who defend it, holds.

So, we made it our mission to protect it.

The name Angel Armor came from the essence of what an angel stands for and the emotion that their presence provides. An angel’s first words to those they protect are, “Do not be afraid.” An angel exudes a sense of confidence on those they protect, shedding light on what was once darkness. Like an angel, we exist to intervene in times of distress and lighten the load on those who defend our world from threat.

Angel Armor dedicates advanced research, design and testing to the development of pioneering ballistic solutions. And with these solutions, we provide uncompromising and unparalleled protection worthy of those we serve.

We will forever be committed to providing protection at a higher level.

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