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We live in a custom world.

Custom suits. Custom cars. Custom jewelry.

But why?

There’s a sense of pride, confidence even, knowing that something is made for you. It’s the feeling you get when you put on your bespoke running shoes, knowing without a doubt they are going to do the job they are meant to do. And well.

We strive to instill that same sense of confidence with our ballistic protection. When you get into your police patrol vehicle, we want you to know that our Ballistic Door Panels are going to perform as intended and exceed expectation.

This is why we custom design and manufacture our Ballistic Door Panels to the industry’s top police vehicles, allowing for maximum protection. From Ford police cars, to GM police cars, to Dodge police cars — we’ve got you protected.

Why are we so are passionate about extending our offering of revolutionary ballistic protection to a wider range of vehicles? This product line expansion allows for greater officer safety. And this gets us one step closer to fulfilling our mission and greater purpose — to defend life from threat, protecting those who give everything to protect us.

To view our full lineup of Ballistic Door Panels, click here. 

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