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There is an undeniable source of pride felt by Police Officers, members of the Armed Forces and their families alike. Few jobs are more honorable than serving, protecting and peacekeeping in the United States of America.

While rewarding, the daily stresses of public service can be a heavy cross to bear and not only for the man or woman wearing the badge.

“Having my son serve in the Military as his choice of career is both frightening and fills me with pride. To support him in his choices, I am always standing strong on the home front. I make sure that I am here to help his wife and his children when they need me. And when he misses his family, I try and keep his spirits up and lifted.”

– Debbie Bogle, Mother of U.S. Navy Sailor

Mothers of our Armed Forces and our nation’s Public Safety Officials are often times the ones taking the first and strongest emotional blow. Though most are fighting an internal battle with feelings of worry and fear, these women stand tall and proud.

“The best thing about being the mother of a Military man is the pride that I have in the job that he does everyday, in the respect that I have for him and in the love that bursts from my heart every time I see him in his uniform.”

– Debbie Bogle, Mother of U.S. Navy Sailor

Behind every cop, soldier and Public Safety Official is a mom who has shaped the hearts of these brave heroes; a mother that has engrained in them an unshakable commitment to their country. These women practice the ultimate in selfless, servant leadership by giving our nation their most precious treasure — their children.

“I am honored to have raised a young man who is willing to put other’s lives ahead of his own. Hearing about all the commendations he has earned and all the great things that he has been a part of to make his community safer makes me proud.”

— Donna Davis, Mother of a U.S. Police Officer

On behalf of all of us at Angel Armor we salute you, Military and Law Enforcement Moms. We’d be lost without you.

Happy Mother’s Day,
Angel Armor


Police and Military work is a physically and emotionally draining job. Repeated exposure to the evils in our world spills over into the personal lives of these men and women, drastically impacting their emotional health and that of their families. For resources for parents and families of Police Officers and members of the Armed Forces, visit:

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