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The notorious bald eagle. The stars and stripes. The statue of liberty.

Emblems are a marking, a symbolic concept that represents something much deeper than their physical attributes. Some emblems fill us with pride, while others indicate action or warning. Some help us honor the past as we look forward to the future.

While there are thousands of emblems, there’s only one that gives us a sense of security and an overwhelming feeling that something remarkable is standing between us and evil.

Crossing the Line

The Thin Blue Line is an internationally recognized emblem that represents police officers who stand as the thin line that protects society from good and evil, chaos and order. The Thin Blue Line is also used to commemorate fallen officers and honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Like most things that hold symbolic weight and deeper meaning, there are various interpretations and emotional responses to the Thin Blue Line. Ed Flosi, retired police sergeant and PoliceOne contributor, shines a great light on how Angel Armor connects to this iconic symbol in his article, ‘The Thin Blue Line: A Symbol of Heroism, Not Corruption.’

Make Your Mark

The symbolism of the Thin Blue Line has touched millions, making this icon a part of daily life for many.

Some agencies have integrated it into their Police Fleet, while other departments have integrated a blue line into their black mourning badge.

FullSizeRender[1]Millions of family and friends show their support with Thin Blue Line t-shirts, Facebook profile photos, hats, badges, flags, bumper stickers and more.

Community members in places like Dallas, Baltimore and Baton Rouge are coming together to sponsor their local agencies, affiliated nonprofits and crowd-sourcing pages to ensure that officers are getting the resources and financial support they need.

If you’re wondering how you can support LEOs, contact your local police department and ask how you can help. Most have volunteer programs, educational opportunities and other ways to get involved.



The Thin Blue Line emblem is a powerful mark, and one that has brought many people together. But more powerful than the emblem itself are the men and women in blue who give this symbol life. Without the officers in blue, there would just be darkness.



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