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According to a 2013 U.S. Department of Justice study, females represent 12% of full-time, local police department personnel in our country. This percentage has been growing steadily since 1987, which was the first year the Bureau of Justice Statistics began tracking and reporting law enforcement data and trends.

That translates to 58,000 women in our country who have voluntarily sworn to uphold the Constitution and serve and protect the public. Yet this number does not represent the thousands of other women across the U.S. who serve in other public safety capacities, nor does it include the thousands more who believe in the 2nd Amendment and the right to safely defend oneself.

Collectively, there is a growing movement of women in America dedicated to ensuring good defeats evil and that ultimately, justice prevails. This group of women is comprised of officers and civilians alike who are united by a shared commitment to uphold the right side of the law with the utmost care, safety and integrity.


Straight Shooters

A number of premier organizations have made it their business to educate and empower women to safely, and confidently, use firearms. A Girl & a Gun Women’s Shooting League is a forerunner in this space, encouraging women shooters through classes and competitions. April 20-23, Angel Armor will be attending A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League’s National Training Conference near Burnet, TX. Sessions with the industry’s top instructors will cover topics ranging from personal safety strategies and concealed carry, to live-fire instruction and indoor simulation training.  Starting April 20, A Girl & A Gun members can purchase Angel Armor’s Ally One portable armored panels at an exclusive, members-only price.

The Well Armed Woman is another resource designed to equip women who own firearms. This organization offers instructor certification courses that meet the unique needs of female students, as well as a line of firearm products specific to the needs of female shooters. It also has a nonprofit extension with 310 shooting chapters that draw together more than 10,000 women in 49 states to train and practice safe gun handling skills.

Defense Training International for Women was created to educate female shooters and the people who train them. The organization offers classroom and live-fire instruction for defensive shooting techniques, as well as specialized training for male instructors who want to optimize their ability to instruct female law enforcement officers on the range.


Gear Up

While training and preparation are key in pursuing safety and survival, gear is another critical element. One company that is creating affordable, stylish products for women is Gun Tote’N Mamas. From leather totes to tablet cases, each item in the collection multi-tasks by offering a discreet, concealed carry compartment.

Our gratitude and admiration go out to our women in blue and all the other females in America who carry in the name of public safety—

Angel Armor


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