Vehicle Armor 101: Your Ultimate Guide to Ballistic Door Panels

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Police Officers often spend a significant amount of their shift in a vehicle depending on the nature of their specific job requirements and department policies. Whether patrolling their assigned areas, responding to calls, conducting traffic stops, or transporting individuals, the patrol vehicle can, in certain instances, function as a mobile office for tasks such as paperwork and surveillance activities.

Let’s closely examine the benefits that vehicle armor can offer to first responders. We will explore how to assess the threat level, understand the available armor levels, and determine the most suitable vehicle armor for you and your department.,


We’ve all seen the portrayal of a police shoot-out scene in a movie or TV show. This scene typically features a police officer positioned behind a vehicle door, using it as a protective shield while bravely attempting to apprehend the perpetrator. In reality, common types of ammunition – including the officer’s duty rounds – could easily penetrate the door’s mechanisms with minimal difficulty. To enhance the vehicle’s resilience against projectiles, explosives, and other forms of attack, officers can utilize materials such as steel, ceramics, or composites. Officers should select the appropriate level of vehicle armor protection based on threat assessment and specific vehicle requirements.

What is the technology behind vehicle armor?

Level IIIA vehicle armor utilizes advanced materials like aramid fibers and ballistic ceramics, strategically layered to provide a high level of protection against various handgun threats, including up to .44 Magnum calibers. It is lightweight, flexible, and designed to offer ballistic protection against common threats faced by First Responders.

In situations where there is a need for extra protection beyond standard handgun threats, Level III+ vehicle armor offers enhanced resistance compared to Level IIIA armor. It is designed to provide increased protection against advanced ballistic threats, including rifle calibers and armor-piercing rounds.
A common material for Level III+ vehicle armor is steel because it provides a good balance of strength, durability, cost-effectiveness and customizability – making it a reliable choice for ballistic protection in vehicles.


Vehicle armor is designed to protect against bullets from handgun and rifle ammunition. It can also protect against shrapnel and debris resulting from impacts. By incorporating various materials and technologies, vehicle armor helps enhance the safety and protection of occupants within the vehicle from a range of potential threats encountered in high-risk environments.

“Armoring patrol vehicles was once seen as unnecessary and impractical from a budgetary standpoint,” said Josh Richardson, Angel Armor Co-Founder. “As more and more officers are ambushed inside their vehicles and route calls unexpectedly turn high-risk, the need to transform vehicle doors into life-saving shields has, unfortunately, become a modern Law Enforcement necessity. It’s all about making sure an Officer gets back to his or her family at the end of their shift. That is the main focus of Angel Armor’s design philosophy.”

Discover Premium Vehicle Armor From Angel Armor

Angel Armor provides the Avail Ballistic Door Panels, available in Level IIIA and Level III+ models, tailored for the top vehicles in various industries and engineered to surpass NIJ standards. Featuring a proprietary one-piece design, Avail offers a robust, weatherproof, and discreet solution. The innovative multi-round technology effectively shields against prevalent threats without disrupting internal door components.


For Avail Level IIIA panels, experience the quickest installation time in the industry, ranging from just 5 to 15 minutes depending on the vehicle make and model. Each lightweight panel, weighing under 10 pounds, is semi-rigid and merely 1/4 inch thick. 



Elevate protection in high-risk settings with the Avail Level III+ Ballistic Door Panels. The seamless, integrated single-panel design ensures no interference with internal door components. 



Avail Level IIIA

Avail Level III+

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