Blade-Tech® Molle-Lok


Upgrade your Angel Armor carrier accessories with the Blade-Tech® Molle-Lok for streamlined installation and improved deployment of the Angel Armor Ally One Pouch Series.

Blade-Tech® Molle-Lok offers elevated convenience and versatility when customizing your Angel Armor carrier gear. The Molle-Lok is designed for both stability and ease of use, even under the harshest of conditions. A spring-loaded pin and lock system snaps into place, securing the item to you while offering you the convenience of easily rearranging your gear.

Blade-Tech® Molle-Lok clips are a trusted upgrade when attaching Angel Armor Ally One Pouch Series to your carrier. They are also engineered to be attached to a wide range of gear, including holsters, mag pouche and light pouches.


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High Strength Polymer Construction
Made with Impact-Modified Nylon 6/6, providing enhanced toughness while maintaining excellent strength, stiffness and flexibility.

Quick Release Lock
The spring-loaded lock can be quickly unlocked and the Molle-Lok moved around. With a metal locking bar, your gear isn’t going anywhere.

Dual Mounting Surfaces
With six holes on both sides of the Molle-Lok, you’ve got options on how to mount your gear and how high you mount it.

Next Level Modularity
Easily put gear on your vests, belts or anything else that uses MOLLE webbing. From mag pouches to knife sheaths, the Molle-Lok has it covered.

Color Options


  • Compatible with the following Angel Armor RISE carriers:
    • Tactical Carrier
    • Flex Carrier
    • Patrol Carrier
    • Uniform Carrier 2.0, Load Bearing Configuration
    • Utility Carrier
  • Compatible with the following Carrier Accessories:
    • Angel Armor Ally One Pouch Series
    • Any standard PALS/MOLLE system
    • Duty belts up to 2″


  • Two Molle-Lok 5″ or 3″ Molle Attachments
  • Four 5/16″ Flat Head Screws
  • Four 1/8″ Posts

Additional information


3 inch, 5 inch


All warranty claims should be process through the Blade-Tech® Carry Confident® Lifetime Guarantee

Blade-Tech builds their gear to last a lifetime. They are confident in the craftsmanship and the quality of their products. If your Blade-Tech® Molle-Lok breaks, they guarantee to repair or replace it free of charge minus the cost of shipping and handling. For more information or to process your warranty claim, contact Blade-Tech® directly at

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