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We’ve all heard it. Many of us have said it. Future generations will continue to boast it.

“My Dad’s stronger than your Dad.”

“I can jump higher than you can.”

“My car’s faster than your car.”

Our instinctual response?

“Oh ya? Prove it.”

As humans, we are constantly pushing ourselves to prove certain aspects of our lives. Our worth. Our talent. Our advantage. As a society, we’ve equated proof with credence, trust, a sense of security.

Why is it that we need proof to believe something? One viewpoint is that to believe, you need trust. Trust is defined as the peaceful acceptance or assured reliance on something or someone. Seems logical.

So where does the data come in? A counter viewpoint is that to prove something, you need solid evidence — a factual claim backed up by science and research.

Let’s apply these two schools of thought to our ballistic armor — revolutionary technology that has the power to save your life. Do you trust us when we say this? Or would you rather see it for yourself?

When we strip it down, Angel Armor Live Fires are designed for two things:

  1. Build trust in who we are
  2. Prove that our technology works

Revolutionary. Innovative. Protective. These are all just words. We don’t stop at our word alone — we push limits to prove it.

The Angel Armor seal comes from the hand-in-hand relationship between trust and proof. Our testament is reflected in our conviction to defend life, passion to share revolutionary technology with those who protect us and integrity to do the right thing. Always.

In our line of work, we’re not merely generating experiments. We’re designing experiences — and protecting yours.

Together, let’s prove it,

Angel Armor

Take the first step in designing your experience today.

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