For Those Who Keep Us Free On This Peace Officers Memorial Day

Exactly 62 years ago to the day, President John F. Kennedy designated May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day and the week in which it falls as “Police Week.” This is a somber but important occasion to reflect on officers’ service and contribution to public safety. Today, we pay special recognition to law enforcement officers who have […]

Forever Sewn in the Fabric of Freedom

memorial day blog post header

Memorial Day — a day in which America is brought to her knees by the weight of the Fallen. We mourn the countless men and women who have given everything to defend our way of life. Lost loved ones remembered, their sacrifices honored, the result of their heroism forever sewn in the fabric of Freedom. […]

Know the Difference: Flak Jackets, Kevlar & the Bulletproof Vest

Bulletproof Vest

Body armor is often categorized by many attributes, including function, brand, level of protection or sometimes even materials. So how do you begin your research for the best products? It can get overwhelming in a space where flak jackets, bulletproof vests and Kevlar seem to reign supreme in descriptions and articles. Let’s differentiate between materials, […]

The History of Armor & Evolution of Protective Clothing

Since the beginning, humans have gone to battle. We’ve fought for land, food, religion, water, protection — even love. The need for protective shields and clothing quickly became apparent as threats against life increased. As battle has evolved, body armor has evolved right along side it. Prehistoric Body Protection The first instances of protective clothing and shields came […]

Warrior Creeds

“The Spartans do not ask how many are the enemy, but where are they.” – King Agis II, 400 BC While time, space and battle have changed since 400 BC, the warrior — the heart behind the uniform — has remained steadfast and true. Embodied in warrior creeds, these ethos, oaths and codes of conduct date back far […]

How Body Armor is Made: The History, Materials, & Process

how is body armor made diagram

Humans have been producing and wearing some sort of body armor for thousands of years. Technology has advanced since the time the first tribes fastened animal hides to themselves for protection, so how is body armor made today and how does that differ from past centuries of man-made body armor? History of Body Armor Body […]

What Makes the Best Body Armor?

Best Body Armor Body armor has been around in some capacity for centuries. Whether the phrase brings about thoughts of bulletproof vests, police body armor or ballistic vests, most will agree that the ultimate goal of body armor is personal protection. As experts in the body armor and vehicle armor spaces, we’ve outlined a few key […]

Home of the Brave

Every year, Angel Armor works with a trusted music artist to help paint the passion we have for our nation and the heroes who defend it in our annual Fourth of July video tribute. This year’s video features a close friend and employee of a fellow Fort Collins, Colorado business — New Belgium Brewery. For […]

The Ride to National Police Week

For the 3rd consecutive year, Angel Armor is truly honored to support the Police Unity Tour — a national bicycle ride that honors the lives of police officers who have died in the line of duty. What started as a grassroots initiative with 18 riders in 1997 has grown into a thriving organization with nine […]

Angel Armor — Innovation for Law Enforcement

In partnership with Innovations with Ed Begley Jr., we’re proud to announce that we will be featured in an upcoming episode on the award-winning series, airing Saturday, April 29 at 5pm ET on FOX Business. Innovations is an award-winning television series hosted by actor, director and environmentalist, Ed Begley Jr., and is dedicated to bringing viewers the […]

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