Let’s Get this Show on the Road

As we kick off 2017, there’s one thing you need to know: when it comes to vehicle armor, we’ve got you covered with the most complete patrol car protection in the industry. And we didn’t stop there…   Our newest ballistic products are making their debut at SHOT Show® in Las Vegas, January 17 – […]

The Line

The notorious bald eagle. The stars and stripes. The statue of liberty. Emblems are a marking, a symbolic concept that represents something much deeper than their physical attributes. Some emblems fill us with pride, while others indicate action or warning. Some help us honor the past as we look forward to the future. While there […]

Armed with the Facts: Part 2

Preliminary statistics from the 2016 Mid-Year Law Enforcement Officer Fatalities Report are out. As we reported in June 2015, the harsh realities of our world continue to become more prevalent for Law Enforcement Officers as each day passes. The infographic below highlights key data pulled from 2016 preliminary statistics from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, final data published in the 2014 […]

Raising a Hero

There is an undeniable source of pride felt by Police Officers, members of the Armed Forces and their families alike. Few jobs are more honorable than serving, protecting and peacekeeping in the United States of America. While rewarding, the daily stresses of public service can be a heavy cross to bear and not only for […]

Big Shot Buzz

We’re still amped over the excitement and positive feedback our RISE™ Concealable Armor System generated at SHOT Show® in Las Vegas last month. Thanks to all the military and Law Enforcement Officers who stopped by our Angel Armor booth to learn about our new carrier system’s features, ballistic specs, special threat options, male and female […]

A New Era in Personal Protection

We Can’t Change the Game. But We’re Going to Change How You Play It. At Angel Armor, we clock in every day with a sense of pride and purpose because we’re on a mission: to develop new technologies that will protect you — the men and women who serve. To that end, we’re excited to […]

Throw Down a Challenge [Coin]

Within military and law enforcement communities, challenge coins are a highly respected tradition designed to recognize service and excellence. They mark a time, a membership, a mission and even a family. Each coin is a special currency with a value known only by its holder. Coining the Phrase So how did challenge coins get their […]

Good Cop, Rad Cop

___________________________________________   BRIGHTON, COLORADO: When Officer Nick Struck arrived at the scene of a rollover car accident on Interstate 76, he saw devastation. Four young children were ejected from the vehicle, their father died at the scene, and their mother was injured. Officer Struck noticed a two-year-old girl, soaked in gasoline, crying in the field. […]

FREEZE — You Protect. We Serve.

Angel Armor Freeze Day for Ballistic Protection

History tells us that the hottest day of the year falls in mid-July. History also tells us that July and ice cream go together like peas and carrots. Did you know on this day 31 years ago, President Reagan proclaimed July as National Ice Cream Month? At Angel Armor, we love our ice cream — especially […]

… In America

Our alarm clocks buzz. We go to work. We express our opinions and communicate with colleagues. We research new ideas, freely capitalizing on our education. We exercise this routine until it becomes commonplace and increasingly easier for us to take for granted. At Angel Armor, we thrive with open access to information, live to innovate and are […]

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